Butterfly and Flower Hair Clips

Last week I spent the day with my nieces, Riley and Avery, and I made a couple of hair clips for them. We didn’t have a plan, but we did have some felt.

Felt Butterfly 10

I first drew a butterfly on a sheet of notebook paper and colored it with markers. Then I rough cut a few little pieces of felt and shaped them into butterfly wings. They aren’t exactly like the wings I drew but the girls thought they looked good so I didn’t fret over it.

I cut a few smaller pieces and then shaped the spots on the wings. I used hand quilting thread to stitch the spots to the wings. All purpose thread will work, but 100% cotton hand quilting thread is wax coated to reduce drag when the thread is pulled through the quilt layers. Which means it’s less likely to tangle. Yay!

Felt Butterfly 01

I stitched the top two wings together and then tacked on the pink spots. Then I did the same with the bottom wings and the orange spots. I layered the top wings over the bottom set and stitched them together, first on the back…

Felt Butterfly 03

…and then tacked it securely on the top. These stitches would be hidden by the body.

After the wings were connected I placed the yellow scallops on the top wings and I cut out a little blue body.

Felt Butterfly 04

Easy peasy.

Felt Butterfly 06

It would be fun to add sequins to the wings, but we didn’t have any. Instead, I outlined some of the parts with lavender (or is it lilac?) cotton thread.

Felt Butterfly 07

We decided it needed a head, so a tiny orange circle was added to the top of the body. Then I attached a clip to the back and Avery was delighted.

Felt Butterfly 08

With a few more scraps I took a circle of felt and folded it into quarters. I sliced it along each fold to create four petals. I rounded the corners of each petal. Then I did the same with second piece of felt. I used two different shades of pink.

I did it again with an orange circle. To change it up I put a slit in the middle of each petal to make eight. It still looked like an orange circle so I cut a “V” shape between each petal and shortened them by about 1/4 to 3/8 inch.

With a needle and thread I stacked the three layers and tacked them together.

I traced around a spool of thread to get an accurate circle out of yellow felt.  The purple thread was handy so I used it to hold it all together.

FeltFlower 01

Then the hair clip was added.

FeltFlower 02

Riley was happy to have this one.

FeltFlower 06a

Pretty cute for a half-hours worth of stitching and a few scraps.

I wanted this to be a project for them to do, but I had no idea where I was headed when I picked up these felt scraps. Now that I figured out the sequence and the supplies needed, I can provide some simple patterns and they’ll be able to do it on their own.

These felt doo dads can be attached to a pony tail holder or a head band, either fabric or the hard plastic kind. Tack it to a tote bag or a t-shirt. Just make one or two or decorate with a whole garden full of flowers or a kaleidoscope of butterflies.

BTW: That is the real name of a bunch of butterflies; a kaleidoscope.  Sometimes they are called a swarm or a rabble. A swarm sounds scary to me, like bees.  And rabble sounds chaotic, and a rowdy rabble doesn’t make me think of butterflies.
Other websites ignore those names altogether and call a group of butterflies a flight or a flutter.

I tried to come up with a little bumble bee, but he needs some work.  A caterpillar would be easy, or a small bird.  And Avery wants a car.

Any other ideas for easy useful crafts for summertime?



My First Etsy Sale!

I’m so excited! I made my first etsy sale a few days ago!

Play Blanket on JanMadeIt.wordpress.com

I had a listing for two picnic blankets I’d made out of this baseball themed tapestry fabric.

Play Blanket on JanMadeIt.wordpress.com

The blankets are now on their way to a baseball-loving family in Idaho. The buyer also wanted a piece of the same fabric to cover the seat of a chair, but alas, I had no more. I stuffed a few extra yards of the red cord into the box, so the bed roll handle can be lengthened to shoulder-length.

Play Blanket on JanMadeIt.wordpress.com

I couldn’t find any details about this fabric pattern online, but as I recall we used this kind of tapestry to make vests in the 80s and early 90s. If someone knows more about it than I recall, I’m all ears. But at any rate, it’s discontinued. Estate sales, garage sales, or a fabric store that specializes in discontinued fabric is where I might find more.

I have one more piece of upholstery fabric for a picnic blanket. It’s a rich red and blue. If I can lay my hands on tonight, I’ll stitch it up tomorrow and get it listed this weekend.

Even though summer picnic season is drawing to a close, tailgates are right around the corner.

Where would you use one of these blankets and what colors or design would you choose?



Take Me Out to the Ball Game Play Blanket

When my son was about three I realized I needed to keep a play blanket of some sort in the car All. The. Time. because we never had one when we needed it. Here in Norman we spent Saturday mornings at Griffin Park playing soccer in the spring and fall. Summer weeknights were occupied with Little League. Reeves Park is where moms and dads play softball while the kids climb the bleachers and play in the dirt on the sideline.

I made a couple of play blankets out of quilted fabric that—20 years later—are still useful as dog beds. I never thought to make one out of upholstery fabric, but one like this would have been handy.

I stitched this up over the weekend. Actually, I had enough fabric to make two of them and they’re listed on etsy if you’re spending lots of time at the park this summer.


It’s tapestry upholstery fabric that’s plenty sturdy for playing or napping. The fabric is stiff, so it’s not a snuggle blanket, but it’s just right for a picnic, a concert in the park, or a nap in the shade of a tree.

Play Blanket on JanMadeIt.wordpress.com

It’s about 5 feet square. The sides are hemmed, and the short fringe of the selvage has been left exposed.

Play Blanket on JanMadeIt.wordpress.com

Fold it in half, then in quarters and roll it up like a bed roll. It’s a just-right size to cram in the corner of the trunk of the car, use it as a lumbar pillow on long car trips, or take it on board for a pillow on the airplane.

Play Blanket on JanMadeIt.wordpress.com

it’s tied up nice and neat with a carrying handle. I’ll add an additional length of braid for a shoulder strap and hands-free hauling.

I have way too much fabric in my stash these days, so a few more of these may turn up in other styles. Watch for them.

Where would you find one of these useful?



Baby Bibs and Slippers ~ Recycling Denim Jeans

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.


I’ve been stitching up more of my Denim Jean Skirts  and of course my mind is wandering over all the ways I can use the leftover denim.


I was sewing at the flea market a couple of weeks ago and someone came by and got all excited about these bibs she’d been making for friends.


She was making the kerchief trimmed ones and said they are excellent “drool” bibs for teething toddlers. Then she came back the next week and brought me a sample and a template so I could sell them.



After I made a couple with kerchiefs I spied a stash of eyelet trim and decided to use it to decorate a few in a different style.



Then I was checking through pinterest looking at other uses for old jeans and came across some baby slippers, which I adapted with an elastic band around the heel.



And then I added trim to match the bibs.


Aren’t they cute?

I have them at my booth at the flea market at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds this weekend and I’ll add them to my etsy store next week.

Do you have an idea for a denim makeover? I’ve made small purses, a small tote, and lots of skirts. What’s your favorite?


Fun Felt Toys

When I scrolled through my Pinterest pages a few days ago to find images of the button-down shirt pillows  for my last post, I came across several projects that caught my attention—again. I printed several of them, including these wool scrap pincushions from Better Homes and Gardens. And this one, also from BHG.

Then I rooted through my stash and found some hoarded felt and got busy.

Felt Toys and Pincushions on JanMadeIt

How’d I do?

Felt Toys and Pincushions on JanMadeIt

I started with the heart pincushions. I cut out a heart shape free-hand and then stacked it on a variety of colors and cut out more of them so I could mix and match in assembly.

Felt Toys and Pincushions on JanMadeIt

While I was cutting—I tend to do things assembly-line-style—I also cut out a couple of daisy-type flowers, two different sizes, and a tulip.

I assembled the hearts first and used a simple blanket stitch around the edge. As the tiny pillow neared completion I stuffed in little bits of fiber fill. I tacked a small circle of felt on a larger circle of felt for the flower. Then I snipped notches in the larger circle to make the petals and attached the little flower to the heart.

Felt Toys and Pincushions on JanMadeIt

For the daisies, I found out I have to stuff the petals as I go, and next time I won’t make the base of the petal so skinny.

As suggested in the BHG pins, I attached a ribbon to the center back of each of the hearts and flowers. They suggest tying one to the handle of a sewing basket. I also suggest they can be tied to the arm of your sewing machine, or for hand-work, you can tie it around your wrist.

Felt Toys and Pincushions on JanMadeIt

After the original shapes were complete, my imagination was running pretty rampant and I made a block which will be a dandy toy for a tot. I started with flowers on two of the sides, then a butterfly seemed appropriate for the garden-theme.

Felt Toys on JanMadeIt

A caterpillar inches along a little branch. It’s one of those camo caterpillars with a fake eye at the tail end so predators can’t tell if they’re coming or going.

Felt Toys on JanMadeIt

A friend is a fan of frogs, so I came up with this guy for another panel. I was very pleased that everyone recognized it as a frog.

Felt Toys on JanMadeIt

And on one of the pictures above you can see I put a little blue bird on the last panel.

I wanted a ladybug on one panel, but I was manning my booth at the flea market and I didn’t have any black felt with me. But lo and behold, I came across a box full of scraps, some already cut into quilt pieces and there was a small stack of felt, including black, in the mix so now I could make my ladybug. I just love her. Felt Toys and Pincushions on JanMadeIt

If you’re handy with a needle, you can easily craft your own and show friends or family how to do it. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t even know which end of the needle to thread I can turn this into a tutorial that will show you how. Just ask.

I have one more week at the flea market and then I’ll put these on etsy. Or maybe I’ll put a kit on etsy and you can sew your own. If that’s something you’d like, let me know and I can certainly put them together for you.

Easy Peasy.

If you want to keep up with my next project, follow me. And “like” my Jan Made It facebook page while you’re at it.

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Little Ladybug Footstool

Another one of my flea market footstools is now upcycled and ready to go to a new home.

Little Ladybug Footstool on Jan Made It

This is very small—about six inches tall, and maybe nine inches in diameter.

Little kids love carrying little chairs and stools around, if for no other reason than they can. I see it at the flea market all the time. Toddlers who can barely walk will make a beeline for little furniture. They pick it up and carry it—how far depends on how soon their parents try to stop them—put it down, and with great care turn around and sit on it. Then they look up at mom or dad or me and flash the biggest smile. So cute!

This plain handmade stool sat around my house for a while. Then about the time I painted the Flower Power Table and the Shabby Love Stool I came across a some very cute ladybug images and inspiration struck.

For the footstool I decided to go with a yellow ladybug, for no other reason than I had several shades of yellow paint and not  much red on hand. I sanded the top and lightly distressed it.

Do you like the yellow ladybug? Or should I have gone with the traditional red and glossed it up?

Check out some photos of a real ladybug over on my photography blog, Cottonmouth Creek.





Flower Power Side Table

Flower Power!

Here’s a little novelty table I started on New Year’s Eve.

Flower Power Table

It’s just the right size to be an end table, a coffee table, a bedside table, or a little tea-table for a tea party.  Now that I think about it, I might have a little tea set I could display with it.

Flower Power Table on JanMadeIt

I have this at the Flea Market at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds here in Norman. We’re open from 8–5 every Friday and Saturday until sometime in February.

Flower Power Table on JanMadeIt

I didn’t set out to create this chippy base, but I really like it.

This “all wood” table is actually made out of particle board which is why I went so all-out on the painting. I figured I could repaint and start over if it turned out not to be so great. I had no idea I would love it so much.

Flower Power Table on JanMadeIt

It looked pretty good after Stage One (above) on New Year’s Eve, but I really like it after Stage Two.

Flower Power Table on JanMadeIt

I used at least four shades of pink, two shades of purple, five shades of yellow/orange/red, and one Key Lime Green! Can’t wait to find a piece of real wood to work on.

If I still have it after the weekend, I might paint a chair or two to match. I think an adult chair and a child’s chair would make a great trio. What do you think?

I’ve linked this post to Redoux Interiors. Check it out!

A Chair and a Desk

The desk has  been finished for a while, but the chair is new. They can be used together, but I didn’t paint them as a set. They can easily go their separate ways.

A Chair and Desk on JanMadeIt

I can’t remember where I got the chair, but it’s solid wood and well-built.

A Chair and a Desk on JanMadeIt

I put an extra thick layer of foam on the seat when I recovered it. It’s super comfy.

A Chair and a Desk on JanMadeIt

It’s a light green with a lighter green streaked on top. It’s been painted for a while, but I wasn’t happy with the fabrics I kept coming up with for the seat cover until this one suddenly appeared on my ironing board a few days ago and it’s perfect.

A Chair and a Desk on JanMadeIt

I think the desk started out with a very similar shade of green, but I made it into my version of chalk paint and then over-coated it with a medium gray dry brush technique. The desk doesn’t have a drawer, but it has a handy little shelf behind the door on the left. I could see school books standing in the cubby next to a three-ring binder and a couple of spiral notebooks. Add a shallow tray to the shelf to keep pencils and pens from rolling all over the place and you’re set for homework.

A Chair and a Desk on JanMadeIt

I lined the door with a cork board. Handy for pinning homework assignments, or coupons, or recipes, if you want to use this little beauty for household purposes rather than homework.

The desk, chair and all the other paraphernalia are at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds.

If you’re shopping for a little desk set and this doesn’t ring your chimes, let me know. I have two more chairs and another desk just “this close” to being finished. I can do custom paint if you have your heart set on something specific.




One Bright Abstract Baby Quilt

My mom is an amazing artist! And so today I’m announcing a new category—Darlene Made It—to showcase some of her work.

So for starters, don’t you just love this baby quilt she designed for Great-Grandchild Number Eight?

One Bright Abstract Baby Quilt on JanMadeIt

It’s all triangles that she pieced together into this beautiful bright abstract.

My mom doesn’t do abstract. But she should do it more often. This is absolutely gorgeous.

She’s hand quilting it with criss-cross diagonal lines and she’ll seal up the edges with some equally beautiful trim when that’s done.

She plans to finish by Christmas so she can come up with something for Great-Grandchild Number Nine.

Stay tuned. I’ll be showcasing a half-dozen or more quilts she’s recently completed.


More Jean-Top Skirts ~ Cute, Huh?

Last year I scrounged up a handful of jeans that I intended to make into purses or aprons.

Since I tend to scrounge up too many things I haven’t done that yet, but I did come across a couple that I turned into few more jean skirts! You can find the first batch I made here.

Jeans Makeover into a Skirt on JanMadeIt

First I made these two adult size skirts… too big for me—thank goodness—but I had them, so I made them. The one on the left is a denim skirt with those rarely used cloth napkins attached on the diagonal. Very light and fluttery.

On the right, it’s a black pair of jeans with a cotton skirt detached from the waistband. Both are cool and comfy with all the handy pockets intact.

I admit I should have pressed the hankies before I took this picture, but “C’est le vie”…

So following up on this I wanted to do some more with the cloth napkins… which are bountiful at estate sales, and way underappreciated.

Jeans Makeover into a Skirt on JanMadeIt

Again, I should have cleaned off the ironing board and pressed these, but you get the idea.

Jeans Makeover into a Skirt on JanMadeIt

This was a Gymboree size 5 jean with pink stitching.

Jeans Makeover into a Skirt on JanMadeIt

I found an oversized napkin—only one—and cut it into quarters. I hemmed the raw edges of the napkin pieces and then trimmed the other two sides with rick rack, pink lace, and more rick rack.

Jeans Makeover into a Skirt on JanMadeIt

The other pair of jeans was from Arizona & Co., size 10 1/2 Plus.

Jeans Makeover into a Skirt on JanMadeIt

I cut three lace edged napkins in half on the diagonal—making six pieces—and layered them before stitching them to the bottom of the jeans top.

Jeans Makeover into a Skirt on JanMadeIt

Cute, huh?

If you want to know how to make one of your own let me know and I’ll post a more detailed tutorial. And these are for sale if you’re interested.

Thanks for reading!


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