30 Percent Off Cyber Monday

Promo Code 30offCyberMonday2013 will get you 30 percent off everything in my Etsy shop—The Little Blue Trunk—today only.


If you want something that isn’t listed. Contact me and I can create a listing and provide a discount.Happy Shopping!


Thanksgiving 2013 Promo Code 10% Off

I set up a Promo Code for everything in my Etsy Shop ~ The Little Blue Trunk ~  good until Nov. 29. Enter Thanksgiving2013 at checkout and a 10% discount will be automatically applied.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments on The Little Blue Trunk

The listing is for denim ornaments, but I can mix and match. Click on the image to see what I mean.


I hope this promo brings in something because I have to pay my internet service bill by Nov 30 or I’ll be offline on Dec. 1. If I pull this off I’ll set up a new code for December.

Contact me if you want to make an offer to mix and match or for different quantities.

My shop continues to get more likes and favorites, but my last sale was the first week of November and that’s not enough to pay the bills.

If you’ll take a minute to share this on facebook, pinterest, twitter, etc., I’ll love you forever.

Giving thanks to all of you!



Oklahoma Handmade on Facebook with Discounts!

There’s a new facebook page in town.

It’s called Oklahoma Handmade and is a collection of Oklahoma based etsy shops.

Christmas Ornaments on The Little Blue Trunk

The page launched this weekend and will be filled with discount codes and promotions from Oklahoma Etsy shops.

My discount code gives 10% off any sales until Dec. 15. You have to go to the facebook page to get the discount code.

I listed my handmade Christmas ornaments.

I’m open to custom orders and requests if you want more quantities or want to mix and match.

And if you haven’t already, be sure to like my Jan Made It page on facebook.



Holiday Hearts and Stars

I know there’s probably a more productive way to spend my time, but with fabric, thread and buttons piled around I’ve been cutting and stitching these little ornaments the last few days.


They’re about three or four inches tall.


The hearts are hand cut to fit the scraps I had so they’re different sizes and shapes.


Because I’m using scraps quantities are limited to what I have on hand.


I used a template for the stars. To many points and angles to cut them freehand.


I’ve listed this set of three stars in my Etsy shop.


I have about 25 stitched up so far, so it’s time to stop stitching and get more listed.

If you want a custom order or a big batch of them contact me and we’ll work something out.


Christmas is Coming

 I’ve been making little handcrafted Christmas ornaments the last few days.

They’re great gifts for co-workers, classmates, and teachers. I’ll add a hang tag so they can be used as a gift tag.

Hang on one the neck of a bottle of wine for a hostess gift.

Fill a basket with them and gift to newlyweds for their first Christmas.

And if you have curious toddlers and pets, they are ideal for the bottom of the tree.

Burlap Stars, Jan Made it

These are all made by hand, by me, out of scraps I have around the house.


They are about 4 inches tall.

I have more little hearts made of denim, ticking, and other shabby style fabrics.

I’m taking pictures and writing descriptions today to list them on Etsy.

I can use any color of thread, add beads or bangles, and customize a set to match your decor.

Let me know what you have in mind and I can make something just for you.



A Personalized Patchwork Christmas Stocking

I know time is short, but surely I’m not the only one who waits until the last minute to finish up Christmas preparations. So, if you need to make a stocking or two, here’s another “how to” make a Christmas stocking tutorial.

I made this personalized patchwork stocking with discarded jeans, vintage buttons and orphaned game pieces.  I used pinking shears, a hot glue gun and a sewing machine to make it.

Denim Christmas Stocking on JanMadeIt

I made this stocking for my son for his second Christmas. I probably put it together on December 23 because that’s how I roll.

Denim Christmas Stocking on JanMadeIt

I wanted to cover it with little toys, but since he was just two, and all the tiny toys are choking hazards, I didn’t have much to choose from. I went with buttons and a handful of vintage game pieces.

Denim Christmas Stocking on JanMadeIt

I started by cutting a stocking shape in red fabric. I cut two pieces, one piece would be the back, and the other piece is the base of the denim on the front.

Denim Christmas Stocking on JanMadeIt

Then I cut pieces of denim in a variety of fades and laid them out on the top side of the cut red fabric. Start sewing them down on the base piece as you find a pattern you like.

Denim Christmas Stocking on JanMadeIt

I used pinking shears to reduce fraying on the denim patches. When I had the stocking top covered I trimmed the denim to match the stocking shape.

Denim Christmas Stocking on JanMadeItDenim Christmas Stocking on JanMadeIt

Then I laid the top piece on the back piece and stitched around the edges on the right side and trimmed the seam allowance to about a quarter of an inch, again using pinking shears.

And somewhere during this phase I attached a loop of red ribbon to the top of the stocking to make it fit for hanging.

Denim Christmas Stocking on JanMadeIt

Then I laid out the buttons and game pieces and hot glued them into place. I was able to spell his name with letter die from a word game. I think it was a prehistoric version of Boggle.

You could make stockings like this for all ages. Use any fabric and any adornments to personalize it.

What would you use to personalize stockings for your family?



Easter Basket Tutorial ~ 2012

Here comes Peter Cottontail and it’s time for you to make a special Easter basket for yours kids, grandkids, or to use as a centerpiece or decoration in your home.Dillon's Easter Basket ~ circa 1991

Last year I create a tutorial with directions on how to create a basket similar to this. This is Dillon’s basket, circa 1991. He was about 18 months old.

Dillon's Easter Basket

In the tutorial I spray painted the baskets a solid color. With this one, I used green craft paint to match the bunnies pants for the band around the top. The Wedgwood blue was leftover from painting his nursery.

Dillon's Easter Basket

We used this a couple of years and then brought it out as a table decoration for several more years. It was stashed in a closet in recent years but it’s still in really great shape. At over 20 years old it’s already a family heirloom… or is it?

Dillon's Easter Basket

In the tutorial I suggest one way to make your own Easter grass by dying shredded paper. In this basket I used some excelsior I had on hand. The shredded wood fibers are environmentally friendly. It’s such a nuisance to have to pick up all that pink and green shredded cellophane after the hunt is over.

Easter Baskets, 2011

Here are the 2011 tutorial Easter baskets. I used shredded tissue paper from a gift bag in the basket on the left. The homemade Easter grass is on the right.

What do you think? Any suggestions to other Easter basket makers out there?

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