Take Me Out to the Ball Game Play Blanket

When my son was about three I realized I needed to keep a play blanket of some sort in the car All. The. Time. because we never had one when we needed it. Here in Norman we spent Saturday mornings at Griffin Park playing soccer in the spring and fall. Summer weeknights were occupied with Little League. Reeves Park is where moms and dads play softball while the kids climb the bleachers and play in the dirt on the sideline.

I made a couple of play blankets out of quilted fabric that—20 years later—are still useful as dog beds. I never thought to make one out of upholstery fabric, but one like this would have been handy.

I stitched this up over the weekend. Actually, I had enough fabric to make two of them and they’re listed on etsy if you’re spending lots of time at the park this summer.


It’s tapestry upholstery fabric that’s plenty sturdy for playing or napping. The fabric is stiff, so it’s not a snuggle blanket, but it’s just right for a picnic, a concert in the park, or a nap in the shade of a tree.

Play Blanket on JanMadeIt.wordpress.com

It’s about 5 feet square. The sides are hemmed, and the short fringe of the selvage has been left exposed.

Play Blanket on JanMadeIt.wordpress.com

Fold it in half, then in quarters and roll it up like a bed roll. It’s a just-right size to cram in the corner of the trunk of the car, use it as a lumbar pillow on long car trips, or take it on board for a pillow on the airplane.

Play Blanket on JanMadeIt.wordpress.com

it’s tied up nice and neat with a carrying handle. I’ll add an additional length of braid for a shoulder strap and hands-free hauling.

I have way too much fabric in my stash these days, so a few more of these may turn up in other styles. Watch for them.

Where would you find one of these useful?




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