Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Do you have something green to wear on March 17?  It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I crocheted a collection of shamrocks to share with friends and family.

I used random green yarn that I had on hand, some cotton, some acrylic, some wool. I used two yarns together on one of them.Then, after weaving in the ends I stitched on a pin back.

If you want to make one here are instructions for an easy one.  There are several ways to make these, some start with a few chains for the stem, others start with a three or four chain ring, and my favorite is an adjustable ring which is not quite the same as a Magic Ring. Both techniques close up the center hole that’s left when you start with the ring you make from a little chain.

I’ve always made a point to wear at least a bit of green because it’s fun and I don’t want to get pinched! Ireland has fascinated me since I was assigned to do a report on it in junior high school, and after some genealogical research and a DNA test I found I’m 18% Irish. No wonder I’m drawn to all things green on St. Patrick’s Day.

Here’s an Irish blessing from me to you.

May joy and peace surround you,
contentment latch your door,
and happiness be with you now
and bless you evermore!

Fit to Be Tied ~ Vintage Child’s Rocking Chair


I love kid’s chairs and when my friend Dianna gave me a cute little rocker to make over I couldn’t resist.

It’s a very old, and was handmade, which I love.

It had three or four loose joints and the woven seat was crumbling and had to go. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Fit to Be Tied Chair Seat on JanMadeIt

Years ago I used neck ties to weave a seat on a cane rush chair that lost its cane. But since ties are cut on the bias, and they stretch, it wasn’t long before I felt like I was sitting in a box. I knew exactly how to fix it for this project.

Fit to Be Tied Chair Seat on JanMadeIt

I used a sturdy piece of canvas as a base for the ties. I used the skinny ends of the ties for this little chair, and lined up all the points to hang off the front of the chair.

Fit to Be Tied Chair Seat on JanMadeIt

I secured the first layer of ties along the top, which will be at the back of the chair, and then zigzagged it to secure stray threads.

Fit to Be Tied Chair Seat on JanMadeIt

Then I started weaving the other direction. I used lots of pins to keep everything on the straight and narrow.

Fit to Be Tied Chair Seat on JanMadeIt

After securing all the sides I stapled it to the freshly painted and tightly glued rocker.

Fit to Be Tied Chair Seat on JanMadeIt


This technique might still be a little squishy for an adult chair, but it will hold little tushies just fine.

If you want a more detailed tutorial, let me know. I’ve also figured out how to make a pillow top with this technique. Can’t wait to try that out.

Thanks for reading!




My Vintage Kitchen Utility Cart Makeover

Remember the old metal utility carts? They were used in the kitchen for extra storage back when kitchen counter space was at a premium. 

Moms would slide it over next to the fridge or stove and it was stocked with “new-fangled” appliances that wouldn’t fit in the built-in kitchen storage. A waffle iron. Electric mixer. A toaster.


The high dollar ones were set up with a few electric plugs and an extension cord. Appliances could be plugged in on the cart, with only one cord reaching for the wall socket.

After a move to a larger kitchen many were moved to the back porch or basement for laundry supplies or maybe a science project. In the garage they were functional for a variety of tools. When the resurfaced any number of years later they were in various states of decay.


I discovered original yellow paint beneath the corrosion and black paint on this one. I came across it last fall and didn’t get to work on it through the winter. Sanding and spray painting is absolutely an outside job.


I’d about decided to sell it “as is” and let someone else do something with it when I came across the Design Sponge and her beautiful Before and After Bar Cart.

When you check out her pix you’ll see why I decided to go ahead and make it over clean it up.

Her cart has the fancy handles on each end, but this one is very functional. Most of the corrosion scraped off and there are no rusty spots.

I have a been collecting some 60s era—think Mad Men—glassware, ice buckets, coffee pots, carafes and other related odds and ends. They’ll look great perched on this when I get it finished.

I just have to decide what colors to go with. Any suggestions? And should I stay with silver corner-posts?

Let me hear your suggestions and I’ll start taking this apart.


Main Street Memorables

Main Street Memorables is coming soon to the corner of Findlay and Main Street in Norman.

Main and Findlay

That’s two blocks east of Porter on Main Street here in Norman. It used to be a neighborhood grocery store and it’s been vacant a couple of years but the simple white concrete block building is coming back to life as Main Street Memorables. If you google 531 E. Main you’ll find it was also the previous location of Thunderbird Clubhouse.

Main Street Memorables

I’m so excited to put some of my stuff there instead of having to cram it back into the garage after all those weeks at the Flea Market. Vicky Brooks, a fellow flea marketer, has rented it and is renting spaces to a few other vendors and taking in consignments while also selling her own ample collection of goodies. All the moving in activity and open doors the past few days has created a buzz and even though we haven’t officially opened we’ve already sold over $100 worth of merchandise. How fun!

Venice, An Oil Painting at Main Street Memorables

While most of us are veterans of the flea market—and many of our favorite finds are fresh from the barn—you won’t find junky tables where “everything’s a dollar.” You’ll find an eclectic mix of furniture, home accessories, wall art, lots of mirrors, books, LPs, toys, glassware, original art and designs, clothes, jewelry from all eras, … and I can’t even think of how to itemize it all.

Main Street Memorables

The beauty of it for shoppers is we are all pickers. That means if you don’t find what you want, need, or collect, ask us. Somebody may have what you want in storage and if not, we’ll be happy to look for it and let you know when we find it.

Main Street Memorables

These are just a few views of some of the memorables you’ll find here. Don’t you love the wicker!

Main Street Memorables

Here’s more of our wall art. The white book shelf is our library of collectibles reference books.

Main Street Memorables

And don’t you love this upright steamer trunk from Germany?

Main Street Memorables

It’s covered with stickers from German hotels and other destinations. It’s ready for packing if you’ve got reservations on a trans-Atlantic steamer.

Main Street Memorables

And the cool thing about it—who am I kidding it’s all cool—but it has this packing list on a metal tag inside the trunk. I don’t speak German, but my best guess is this asks “How many nights will you be gone?” or something similar. I see a heading that looks like “toiletries” and another couple “for him,”  and “for her,” but after that I’m lost.


Main Street Memorables

I’m not sure what that bag is for at the back of the wardrobe area. My first thought is it’s a laundry bag, but it seems small for all the clothes this trunk would hold. On the other hand, back in that day they didn’t launder everything after one wear like we tend to do today. In that case it’s plenty big enough for unmentionables.

It would cost a fortune if you wanted to fly with it, but something like this was just the thing if you managed to score a ticket on Titanic. Unfortunately there have to be hundreds of similar trunks at the bottom of the Atlantic and thousands of smaller trunks, bags and satchels as well.

By the way, none of these pix show my stuff. I’m still unpacking and ticketing everything.

We’ll be there tomorrow and starting on Tuesday store hours will be noon to 7 pm. That’s Tuesday through Friday. Saturday hours are 10am – 4pm… I think. We want to have “garage saleing” time first thing in the morning and we’ll be closed on Sunday and Monday. We plan to have a few special events on Sunday afternoons and we’ll let you know about them.

We’ll also offer entertaining rentals for rarely used items such as punch bowls, tea service sets, serving platters and related items. We don’t have a website set up for esales, but if you don’t live in Norman tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen.

Stay tuned! There’s lots more to come.




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