It Oughta Be a World Record Afghan

Granny squares can be the easiest, fastest, most tedious, annoying, scrap-busting things you can crochet. They work up fast, and they look great using leftover scraps from previous projects. But there are jillions of tails to be woven in, and then the squares have to be stitched together to make a larger piece. Whew!

I stitched a few large squares together to  make a scarf I call Just Peachy.

Granny Square

But my six or eight little granny squares are not the point of this story.

The 7,800 afghans that were crocheted for charity in Finland in 2011 is what I’m sharing today.

I came across one image of this event, no caption, photo credits, or anything about what was going on with this stairway FULL of afghans.

I googled “old building with afghans on the steps” and got a few hits.

The building is the Helsinki Cathedral. The goal was 1,000 afghans to cover the steps of the cathedral and then donate to charity. They got 7,800 afghans, and only 3,800 would fit on the steps.


To those of us who have a thing for fiber and needle arts, there are glaring mistakes in many of these posts. The pictures obviously show crocheted granny square afghans on the steps of this beautiful building. But the headlines variously indicate the project is knitted, it’s a patchwork quilt, or it’s a blanket.

The articles are in Finnish, and the translations are kind of rough so I’m not sure of all the details. I’ll let you follow the links and read for yourselves.

 NOTE:  all these links open in a new tab, so I’ll save your place here if you want to go take a look. 

I looked for a world record about this event, and didn’t find anything. One article clearly says someone was there to certify it, but it would be months before that was determined. This event was nearly eight years ago and the largest crocheted afghan I found was made for Nelson Mandela Day last year and was only 67 afghans.

These Helsinki afghans aren’t actually stitched together. They are connected with cable ties probably just to keep them in place. So if this is a world record I’m not sure what category it would be. If anyone tracks down additional information about it, I’m all ears.

At Joann’s we sell fleece for individuals and groups to make into blankets to donate to all sorts of local agencies. When it’s on sale we can spend thirty minutes–frequently more– cutting fabric for a single customer. There are also knitters and crocheters that do the same, but the only time we notice huge purchases of yarn is at checkout and there’s not usually time for much of a conversation.

People also make scarves for cancer patients, pillowcases for sick children, mittens for Christmas, and even dog scarves for local rescue groups. A bright splash of color around the neck makes a rescue dog so much more appealing and adoptable.

What about you?  Are you involved in some sort of sewing or crafting for charity? What do you make and who do you give it to?



Some of My Random Projects at the Flea Market

Have you heard emerald is the Pantone color of the year for 2013?

Emeraldl Green Shutter Door

I don’t know if the green I put on this shutter is the exact Pantone color, but it certainly is green. It’s 24 inches wide and can be used as a door if you want to add hinges, or you can lean it up against a wall and use it to display or organize a few things.

Round Storage Tote and Vintage Granny Afghan

How about this round storage tote? It’s 15 inches tall and about 13 inches across. I added grommets and fashioned a fabric handle so it’s easy to tote around. You can cram it with afghans and throws in the living room, or use it to pick up and tote toys out from underfoot. It’s ample enough to hide video game controllers, games and all the cords that can tangle across the floor.

Lidded Storage Box and Vintage Afghan

This cube storage container is about eleven inches in all directions. Check out the 70s vintage granny afghan with avocado green and harvest gold!

Some Footstools and a Bench

Here are a few of my footstools and a wood bench. The bench is about 19 inches tall, 10 inches from front to back and 56 inches long. Right now it’s painted a soft yellow on the inside with a pretty purple on the outside. If this doesn’t work for you I can paint it any color. It will look best with a shabby sort of paint job because of the rustic nature of the wood used to build it.

Three Footstools on Jan Made It

Here are three little footstools all stacked up.

Lap Desk and Footstools on Jan Made It

This handy lap desk is 16 x 20 inches and custom-painted all ready for a sick day. There’s a recess for a soft drink to sooth a scratchy throat and a little frame around the edge will keep crayons or Legos or other small items from sliding into the sheets or under the couch cushions.

I’m taking more pictures and will be posting them soon. If there’s something you’re in the market for let me know and I’ll see what I have that might fit the bill.

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