Which Witch is in the Wreath?

I make a lot of stuff, but I didn’t make these little witches. A friend made them and gave them to me a few years ago.

Halloween Wreath Witches JanMadeIt 01

Aren’t they adorable?

Halloween Wreath Witches JanMadeIt 02

They’ve been wrapped in paper, resting in a shoe box for several years but I was determined to show them off. My personal challenge to make a new wreath every season this year is the perfect way to do that.

After I removed the summer sun from my the styrofoam wreath I’m using this year, I realized I would only be able to use one of the witches.

I wrapped the wreath with this pink, rust, gold, mesh fabric I found in the red tag section at JoAnn Fabrics.

Then, my mom dug through her stash and started cutting out leaves.

Halloween Wreath Witches JanMadeIt 08

I pinned the leaves to the wreath and perched the smaller witch in the center.

Halloween Wreath Witches JanMadeIt 06 The first wreath I made was for Valentine’s Day.

The first wreath I made this year was for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Wreath on JanMadeIt

Next came lots of green sparkly tulle for St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patriock's Day Wreath on JanMadeIt

Then crocheted flowers made up this Springtime wreath.

Spring Wreath on JanMadeIt.wordpress.com

In June when I went patriotic for Flag Day and the Fourth of July with a Stars and Stripes Wreath. which I updated here.

Patriotic Wreath on JanMadeIt

Patriotic Wreath on JanMadeIt

I had an idea about the “dog days of summer” for my next wreath, but couldn’t make my idea look right, so I went with a simple summer sun.

Summer Sun Wreath on Jan Made It

I updated that wreath for the eclipse on August 21.

SummerEclipse on JanMadeIt

And now it’s fall.

Halloween Wreath Witches JanMadeIt 04

My little witch will stay in place until Halloween, and then I’ll take her down and do something a little more harvesty.

I had in mind to make a wreath each month, but I haven’t kept up that pace. I think I’ll end up with nine or ten maybe. We’ll see what I come up with over the next few months.

Do you hang wreaths on your door or around the house throughout the year? I don’t usually, but this year I’ve had fun coming up with something new as the seasons change. And I really like not having to store something, or give it away, when the season is over.



Bracelets of Suede Cords, Buttons and Beads

Here are a couple of maybe a dozen things I’ve made over the past few weeks

Bracelet Suede Cord Turq 07

First, in my stash I found some beads that match this turquoise suede cord. But I had trouble finding a button to work. A pearl button was too foo foo for the suede. But a white plastic button was too plain to match the silver, white and blue beads.


I had to abandon my stash and look for a button in the store! Fortunately I found a pair of  transparent buttons with silver swirly curly cues on top. It turned out to be the perfect match.

The bracelet is easy to make with simple overhand knots.

First use a cord that will loosely wrap around your wrist twice with four or five inches to spare. Fold the cord in half and slide the button to the halfway point.

Bracelet Suede Cord Turq 05

Tie one overhand knot at the base of the button. keep it loose until you can scooch it up close to the button, then gently pull each cord evenly to tighten it.  Next I threaded one bead on both cords (the silver and white) and then the next four buttons went on one of the cords and the final silver and white again went on both cords.

Bracelet Suede Cord Turq 01

Then I wrapped it around my wrist and tied another overhand knot (keeping it loose until I was sure it was in the right place) and moved down an inch or so to leave a gap before tying the last knot. The gap is so the button can be used as a fastener.


I didn’t go looking for it per se, but while I was on the button aisle, I found some Organics* Elements buttons made of coconut. There were two square buttons with four holes, one gold and one sage green. The gold button matched a hank of gold suede cord from my stash. And coincidentally I had some wood beads that exactly matched. I haven’t found the right cord for the green button yet.

Bracelet Suede Cord Gold 10

I tied the button on the cord with an “x” stitch through the four holes and tied an overhand knot at the base of the button. Then I threaded two wood buttons on one of the cords.

Bracelet Suede Cord Gold 06

I used the other cord to make a couple of half-hitch knots to anchor the beads and then did the same with two more beads.

And because I didn’t want a just a beaded bracelet, I made a series of half-hitch knots, keeping them tight next to each other. Doing a series of half-hitch knots will automatically create a spiral in your cord.

It’s just like when you row on only one side of the boat.  You end up going in circles.

Bracelet Suede Cord Gold 05

Then I threaded on two more sets of beads.

I was a little short of where I wanted it to end, so I made another half-hitch spiral section to make it long enough to go around my wrist.

I anchored it all with an overhand knot; skipped about an inch, and tied another knot, leaving room for the button.

Bracelet Suede Cord Gold 08

I tied the knots really tight and cut the ends about an inch away from the knot. I want to see how they hold before I trim it too short. And while I could add glue to the knot, G-S Hypo Cement is recommended for this, I haven’t glued it yet.

I’ve worn both bracelets for several days. The knots are tight. So far, I haven’t felt the need to undo them and make them into something else.


I love bracelets. I’ve got more to show you over the next few posts.


P.S. *If you go to the button website you’ll see it says Organic Elements,  but the button card specifically says organics (plural) elements. Organics is trademarked. The card has graphics I haven’t seen before which makes me think they might be changing their branding. I couldn’t find my specific buttons online anywhere.


Summer Eclipse in Oklahoma

Here’s the real thing from my backyard in Oklahoma City:

Eclipse OKC one11 cdt

And here’s how I updated my summer wreath for the day.

SummerEclipse on JanMadeIt

And if you missed it, here’s my Summer Sun Wreath without the eclipse.

Hope you get to check it out for real.


Summer Sun Wreath

Here’s my August wreath.

If you don’t have a stash of fabric to dig through to make one of these, I’m so sorry to hear that. But you can go to the fabric store and buy what you need. You’ll need about two yards and a fat quarter of fabric, straight pins, a needle and thread, and a Styrofoam wreath form.

Pick out a collection of yellows, I used solid colors, but blenders and calicoes will work too. Buy widths of 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 yard, to come up with a total of 1–1 1/2 yards of yellow. Get the most of your favorite, with other shades just to make it interesting. Find a half-yard of a contrasting print for the center, and select a fat quarter that goes with all of it for the sunspot.

Summer Sun Wreath on Jan Made It

First the Stars and Stripes wreath had to come apart. My nieces were at the house for a few hours one day last week and Riley took it apart for me and started this one by wrapping my handy-dandy Styrofoam ring in a strip of yellow fabric.

Summer Sun Wreath on Jan Made It

Then I ripped different shades of yellow fabric into strips about four inches wide, give or take. Some strips are about 45 inches long, the width of the fabric, and others, from scraps, are shorter.

If you bought fabric, use the 1/8 yard as is; rip the quarter-yard in half; and rip the half-yard three times to make four strips. You can cut some of these strips in half if you want shorter strips for more variety.

I hand-basted a loooong running stitch down the middle of each strip and pulled each into a ruffle. I pinned one end of the ruffle to the wreath and randomly gathered it and shaped it as I pinned it to the wreath.

I folded some strips in half length-wise and then basted, gathered, and pinned them to the wreath; others I left open and pinned them down the middle with gathers on both sides.

Summer Sun Wreath on Jan Made It

Since it was sooooo yellow I finished it off with about a half-yard of orange and yellow calico.  I folded it with the raw edges into the center and then folded it in half and draped it loosely in the center of the wreath and pinned it into place.

Summer Sun Wreath on Jan Made It

I found a fat quarter of batik, red with yellow flowers to make a sunspot on my sun.

Summer Sun Wreath on Jan Made It

I made the sunspot by pulling the corners of the fat quarter—wrong sides under—and stuck it to the wreath with a pin through the center, catching the four corners underneath. I formed it into a little puff, held it in place by hiding a few pins inside the folds.

Summer Sun Wreath on Jan Made It

That’s about all there is.

I’m brainstorming for my next wreath subject.  Something for September before I roll into Halloween.  Don’t know what kind of wreath I’ll make either. So far I’ve done fabric a few times and crochet.  Maybe something with paper?

My only criteria is to make it on this same foam wreath form, and to be able to use the parts for something else once the season has passed.

Any suggestions?




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