Some Easter Owley Cats

I gave away a few Owley Cats to the kids I saw at Easter and so far they’ve been a big hit. Rylan likes hers, but she was way too busy to be bothered with showing it to me. Cute skirt though.

Black and White Owley Cat

Rylan's Black and White Owley Cat

Jett was more than happy to show me the one he picked out.

Jett's Owley Cat

Jett shows off his Easter Owley Cat

Jayce was too busy with his Gameboy—or whatever electronic game he was playing—to pose for a picture, but I heard later he didn’t make a move all week without his Owley Cat in his hand. Reminded me of the troll doll craze that first appeared when I was a kid.


Owley Cats

Owley Cat Red Taupe, originally uploaded by jcristi.

Kids will love collecting these little charmers.
These big eyes will brighten a stressful day when watching from the dashboard of your car, or your computer keyboard.
No two Owley Cats are alike. Each is hand cut and hand sewn.
It’s a perfect “I’m thinking of you” gift for anyone.

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