Vintage Ripple Scarf

I bought some Sweet Roll yarn by Premier recently and made it into a Vintage Rippling Scarf.

Vintage Ripple Stitch on

It turned out to be pretty easy, as promised in the instructions, but it’s confusing when you’re figuring it out. I looked around and found a Vintage Ripple Stitch and between the two sets of instructions, I figured it out.

Each row is a series of six clusters with a change of direction halfway across. Each cluster is made of chains and double crochets. See, simple.

Vintage Ripple Scarf on

I used one skein of yarn and came up with a scarf about 60 inches long and five inches wide. Because of the V shape of the rows it made sense to connect the ends and make it an infinity scarf. It was a simple matter to fasten the final stitch and then weave in the ends by stitching the two ends together. The way the clusters turn at the end of each row creates a smooth edge along the sides.

Vintage Ripple Scarf on

I used Peaches and Cream Pop, a combination of peach, pink and cream colors. I’ve purchased about 10 skeins of Sweet Roll, all in different colors. The challenge is finding a pattern that will show off all three colors.

Vintage Ripple Scarf on

I found some chevron patterned afghans which used this stitch but if you search for ripple stitch, you’ll come up with a lot of wavy patterned afghans. I think it’s a generic description for a variety of stitches. I found a Vintage Rippling Block which seems to match this particular stitch.

What do you think? Anyone else used this stitch for anything? And how about the Sweet Roll Yarn.  How are you using these yummy colors?



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  1. Tami - Tanglewood Knots
    Mar 23, 2017 @ 14:58:32

    So pretty! I’m glad you said it was easy because it certainly doesn’t look easy! I love learning new stitches and techniques! 🙂



    • Jan
      Mar 23, 2017 @ 20:16:38

      Tami –
      Since it doesn’t start with a foundation chain row the tricky part for me was figuring out where to go next after I finished a cluster. Sometimes you connect into a stitch, sometimes into a space. After you get past the first row, it becomes more apparent about where to go next.
      I need to take pictures of each step so I won’t forget how it goes together. I ripped out the first row about five or six times before I got going. But once you get the rhythm, it goes pretty fast.

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      • Tami
        Mar 23, 2017 @ 20:30:21

        Thanks Jan! I love learning new patterns but I love them more when I get into that rhythm! Even with a foundation chain it is very fiddly starting new projects! 😀

        Liked by 1 person


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