This is Ephemera

I am going to list some paper products in the Little Blue Trunk.

No, not toilet paper or paper towels.

Ephemera refers to vintage paper products such as postcards, greeting cards, brochures, leaflets, ticket stubs, maps… stuff like that. Oh, and the magazine ads I mentioned in the last post.

I have tons of ephemera!

I really like this post card, even though it’s a field of tobacco. Ya gotta love a weathered barn with a rusty tin roof.

. Tobacco Field Postcard on

Then there’s this Christmas card that Joan might send out on Mad Men. All glitter and sparkles with the evening glove and lots of bangles.

Mad Men Christmas Card  on

Betty might have used this little open house invitation back when she was married to Don. It’s really small. The post office wouldn’t deliver it today, but you could put a stamp on anything back in the day and get it there.

Mid Century Invitation  on

This Handbook for Farmers and Ranchers was distributed by Prudential Insurance.

Handbook for Ranchers and Farmers  on

Topics include weights and measures, how much seed to buy, when to plant, when to harvest, how to store vegetables, how to mix concrete, how much lumber to buy, how far paint will spread, when to breed livestock, and how to treat injuries, bites and poisonings, every day stuff like that.

The first thing to do in case of injury is to “send for the doctor,” and it tells you what you should do “until he arrives.”


When was the last time that happened?

Other than some of the first aid it’s still accurate information. I mean, there are still 12 inches in a foot and a mile is still 5280 feet. Right? There’s no copyright, but there’s no mention of meters or kilometers or liters so it was before someone decided America should go global and measure things like the rest of the world.

So all in all, unless you have a meter stick instead of a yardstick, it’s a pretty handy little book.

In Other News


Two cute little wind-up alarm clocks by Westclox. They’ll be on the way to Rhode Island on Monday.

Westclox from The Little Blue Trunk on etsy

By the way, all of these things were acquired from one vendor or another at the flea market.

Three weeks, three sales. It’s a start.

My following is growing, and lots of people favorite my items and my shop. Now it’s time to concentrate on listing things.



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