My First Etsy Sale!

I’m so excited! I made my first etsy sale a few days ago!

Play Blanket on

I had a listing for two picnic blankets I’d made out of this baseball themed tapestry fabric.

Play Blanket on

The blankets are now on their way to a baseball-loving family in Idaho. The buyer also wanted a piece of the same fabric to cover the seat of a chair, but alas, I had no more. I stuffed a few extra yards of the red cord into the box, so the bed roll handle can be lengthened to shoulder-length.

Play Blanket on

I couldn’t find any details about this fabric pattern online, but as I recall we used this kind of tapestry to make vests in the 80s and early 90s. If someone knows more about it than I recall, I’m all ears. But at any rate, it’s discontinued. Estate sales, garage sales, or a fabric store that specializes in discontinued fabric is where I might find more.

I have one more piece of upholstery fabric for a picnic blanket. It’s a rich red and blue. If I can lay my hands on tonight, I’ll stitch it up tomorrow and get it listed this weekend.

Even though summer picnic season is drawing to a close, tailgates are right around the corner.

Where would you use one of these blankets and what colors or design would you choose?



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