July Flea Market Run Starts Friday

Check out what’s going on at the Flea Market this weekend. Such a fun place to find things to makeover.

Historic Route 77

 There are some exciting things showing up in the barn at Col. Dick’s Antiques and Collectibles Flea Market this week.You can find it all at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds starting Friday, July 12 at 8am. Saturday morning check out the treasures in the barn and pick up your fresh produce at the farmer’s market before heading home.

With just a handful of trucks unloaded today there were still plenty of goodies to catch my eye, starting with this batch of kids stuff.


If you’re not in the market for kids stuff, you won’t be disappointed. There are chairs, side tables, serving carts, dressers, chests, and all sorts of assorted estate remnants to browse through. Plenty to use as is, and lots more ready for updating if that’s your style.

There was more funky junk, but I’ll save something for tomorrow. There are wrought iron pieces for the garden, a…

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