Shabby Love Stool

Do you love this as much as I do?
 Shabby Love Stool on Jan Made It

My recent Flower Power table and three cute stools I saw on Art and Sand inspired me to come up with this.

I started with the dregs of a sample jar of Peace River Blue and made it into my own variety of chalk paint for the base coat.

Shabby Love Stool on Jan Made It

It turned out like this.

Shabby Love Stool on Jan Made It

Then I added a coat of this pretty no-name green sample of Valspar I picked up at Lowe’s.

Shabby Love Stool on Jan Made It

After the green dried overnight I sanded the stool and penciled my design on top.

Shabby Love Stool on Jan Made It

This is on top of the green coat of paint. Sorry about the poor lighting in my work space, but I wanted the pencil lines to show here. You can see I had a few false starts before I got things the way I wanted them.

Shabby Love Stool on Jan Made It

Then I gathered up a variety of colors and started filling in the letters. When I finished, it wasn’t what I wanted so the hot pink outline was added and it seemed to do the trick.

I liked the way the base coats sanded with the distressed edges, so I let it dry overnight and hit it with the sandpaper again the next morning.

Shabby Love Stool on Jan Made It

And this is how it turned out.

I left the legs alone, even though I was tempted to paint the rungs each a different color to match the letters. There are dozens of these stools out there that can use a little update so watch for that in the future.

This is a very handy stool.

  • You can sit on it.
  • You can use it as a side table for placing drinks or snacks.
    (Oooooh… I need little flower painted coasters for that version!)
  • You can put a lamp on it beside your bed.
  • You can put a plant on it.
  • You decide.

It can be yours. It’s at the flea market at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds in Norman this weekend.

It’s just a bit a useful whimsy. How or where would you use a cute little thing?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. djdidit
    Jan 10, 2013 @ 16:07:57

    Can’t wait to see it in real life!! DJ



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