A Chair and a Desk

The desk has  been finished for a while, but the chair is new. They can be used together, but I didn’t paint them as a set. They can easily go their separate ways.

A Chair and Desk on JanMadeIt

I can’t remember where I got the chair, but it’s solid wood and well-built.

A Chair and a Desk on JanMadeIt

I put an extra thick layer of foam on the seat when I recovered it. It’s super comfy.

A Chair and a Desk on JanMadeIt

It’s a light green with a lighter green streaked on top. It’s been painted for a while, but I wasn’t happy with the fabrics I kept coming up with for the seat cover until this one suddenly appeared on my ironing board a few days ago and it’s perfect.

A Chair and a Desk on JanMadeIt

I think the desk started out with a very similar shade of green, but I made it into my version of chalk paint and then over-coated it with a medium gray dry brush technique. The desk doesn’t have a drawer, but it has a handy little shelf behind the door on the left. I could see school books standing in the cubby next to a three-ring binder and a couple of spiral notebooks. Add a shallow tray to the shelf to keep pencils and pens from rolling all over the place and you’re set for homework.

A Chair and a Desk on JanMadeIt

I lined the door with a cork board. Handy for pinning homework assignments, or coupons, or recipes, if you want to use this little beauty for household purposes rather than homework.

The desk, chair and all the other paraphernalia are at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds.

If you’re shopping for a little desk set and this doesn’t ring your chimes, let me know. I have two more chairs and another desk just “this close” to being finished. I can do custom paint if you have your heart set on something specific.





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