Jan Makes Cranberry Sauce

My thanksgiving plate starts with turkey; dressing nudged right up against it, and mashed potatoes placed in position to create a triangle of goodness. Gravy gets poured of the top of it, and cranberry sauce gets plopped down right next to the pile so I can have a bit of cranberry sauce in every bite of turkey and dressing.

As kids, we didn’t like the “lumps” in the homemade stuff, so Grandma would buy a can of the jellied stuff for the kids. Eventually I realized the “lumps” were actually cranberries and I gave it a try. Now I can’t have turkey and dressing without it. And, in the tradition of my mom and grandma, I smear the leftover cranberry sauce on dinner rolls, biscuits or toast. Yum!

I really like it with different cheeses, especially brie.

In case you haven’t seen it, I have another blog called Larrupin all about larrupin good food. Cranberry sauce is in that category, and since I’ve already written about  how easy it is to make homemade cranberry sauce over there, I’m going to repost that entry over here today.

So here ya go!

Homemade Cranberry Sauce. Yes! It’s really that easy.

My holiday plate may be four inches deep with turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, giblet gravy (no liver please), green bean casserole and all the other classics, but it’s not complete without a generous tablespoon or two of homemade cranberry sauce smushed down in the middle of everything. I make sure a smear of that crimson tartness is in every bite I take.

I always offer to bring it to family meals to be sure it’s on the table.The recipe is on the back of the package of cranberries. You can find them in a plastic bag in the produce department.

This is best served at room temperature. If you make it days ahead of time keep it in the fridge and take it out and let it warm to room temp before scooping into a small bowl for serving. If you have to make it the day of the event make it as early as possible. Let it cool 10–15 minutes and pour it directly into the serving dish. Place a piece of plastic wrap directly on the surface of the sauce to keep a skin from forming. Put it in the freezer for a few minutes for a quick cool down and then leave it out to adjust to room temp before serving.

Keep in mind this will bubble up as it cook, so choose your pan wisely. Place it over medium-high heat.

Homeade Cranberry Sauce
1. Cranberries go into the pan. These are still frosty from the freezer.
Homeade Cranberry Sauce
2. Add the sugar.
Homeade Cranberry Sauce
3. Add the water.
Homeade Cranberry Sauce
4. Stir to dissolve the sugar.
Homeade Cranberry Sauce
5. Cook until all the berries pop. Stir occasionally.
Homeade Cranberry Sauce
6. Remove from heat.
Homeade Cranberry Sauce
7. Let it cool some and before it congeals pour it into a container for the fridge.

If there are leftovers, pour it over a block of cream cheese and smear it on a cracker. My mom spreads it on toast like jelly.

I  recently discovered the joys of Cranberry Mustard, but it’s not cheap! I will shortly be pureeing a small batch of sauce to see if I can come up with my own home brew of cranberry mustard. I’ll let you know how it turns out.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Randi
    Nov 21, 2012 @ 10:09:41

    I love cranberry sauce, too, Jan. I bought 10 pkgs for about a .25 each last year after Christmas and put them in the freezer. They freeze great, and have lasted me most of the year. When I make the sauce, I don’t put in the whole cup of water called for on the recipe on the bag, and I usually put less sugar than called for. It gels better with less water and it is really tart, but I like it like that. Most people would probably like it better with the full cup of sugar. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!



    • Jan
      Nov 23, 2012 @ 14:06:37

      Hey Randi! I’m with you, I also cut the sugar. I usually make a half recipe, so I eyeball it to what looks right. I also like the tart. I’ll also be playing with some cranberry mustard recipes while I eat some of mom’s best-turkey-ever leftovers.



  2. LikeMyStyles
    Dec 09, 2012 @ 07:07:05

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