Rustic Blue Shelf, Wall Shelf and Mirror

Found this handmade little shelf at a yard sale a few months ago and couldn’t resist bringing it home to clean it up.

You could put this little cutie in anywhere—it would look great in the bathroom full of rolled up towels and a basket of toiletries—but I paired it with a mirror and a wall shelf with pegs with the idea it would be handy in an entryway.

Hang something decorative on the pegs, or in a small dwelling it could serve as a coat closet. It’s also handy for backpacks, purses, and an umbrella or two.

The mirror adds light to a small entryway and it’s great for a last-minute check before going out the door.

And check out this little foot stool. It’s a mass-produced, put together with a nail gun, but I couldn’t resist. It was a horrendous green, but I slapped a coat of crackle finish on it and topped it off with this perky yellow. It’s a handy little step for little ones to use to reach the pegs or see in the mirror.

These things are for sale at Main Street Memorables, 531 E. Main in Norman.


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