Cute Message Center Helps You Keep Track of Things

I took a small side table covered with old ugly marble patterned contact paper on the top and a decorative plaque with a little shelf and broken coat hooks on it and came up with this little message center.

The center of the plaque had a paper design glued to it and it was peeling off. I decided to turn it into a chalkboard.

I screwed an old metal strip with pegs on it to the top. Perfect for hanging keys. And the color matched the gray glaze I finished with.

I have a small stash of square wood drawer pulls and I used them for the table drawer and for pegs on the message board. I collect little wooden boxes and in my collection I found a primitive little drawer—maybe from an old jewelry box or child’s toy chest—that was perfect for this project. It was just the right size to hold a few pieces of chalk. Cut the sleeve off an old sweatshirt and stuff it in the drawer for a handy eraser.

The message board is ready to hang. Phone books, if you still use them, fit on the bottom shelf, or use it as a handy place to store your purse, tote or backpack.

Where would you use a handy little message center? Might help get a kid organized as well. Anyone in your house always losing their keys, or homework?




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