Desk Drawers Become Wall Art

Here are three more of the orphaned drawers I’ve rescued.

Desk Drawer Shadow Boxes

The top two are from a 60s era executive desk, complete with drawer dividers. The drawer dividers are conveniently adjustable.

Desk Drawer Shadow Boxes

You can display framed art, knick knacks, small books and other collectibles.

Desk Drawer Shadow Boxes

These drawers are all wood construction with laminate on the drawer front. They feature simple mid-century drawer pulls. You can take a closer look at Main Street Memorables.

Shadow Box Drawers

The smaller drawer below is a single that may have once been part of a vintage beside table.

Drawer as Shadow Box

Turns out it’s the perfect size for my handmade and hand-painted canvas cats.

Drawer as Shadow Box

I’ve attached hangars on the back so it can hang with the drawer front on either side. I left the original finish on the front and simply cleaned and polished the insides.

Desk Drawers as Shadow Boxes

Where would you hang these and what would you display in them?

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