Primitive Storage Stool

A few months ago I found a little brown stool in a pile of stuff someone pulled out of a barn and brought to the flea market. It was well made out of what looks like salvaged wood.

Primitive Storage Stool

There are random nail holes here and there.

Primitive Storage Stool

And there are rough cuts on the legs and crossbars.

Primitive Storage Stool

The inside of the lid had been painted black and the storage space was unfinished. I used chalkboard paint on the side of the lid and left the raw wood alone.

Primitive Storage Stool

I thought the crackle paint was the best match for the primitive construction and second-hand materials. I cleaned off the hinges and painted them with a brown metallic paint. The humidity is high these days so the paint is still a little tacky. I’m going to spray an acrylic sealer on the red when it’s completely dry.

This would be perfect to slide under a small desk. I have a little desk and now that I see how nice this turned out I’ve decided to crackle it in reverse. Can’t wait to work on it.

What do you think?  Where would you put this to use?


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