Easter Basket Tutorial ~ 2012

Here comes Peter Cottontail and it’s time for you to make a special Easter basket for yours kids, grandkids, or to use as a centerpiece or decoration in your home.Dillon's Easter Basket ~ circa 1991

Last year I create a tutorial with directions on how to create a basket similar to this. This is Dillon’s basket, circa 1991. He was about 18 months old.

Dillon's Easter Basket

In the tutorial I spray painted the baskets a solid color. With this one, I used green craft paint to match the bunnies pants for the band around the top. The Wedgwood blue was leftover from painting his nursery.

Dillon's Easter Basket

We used this a couple of years and then brought it out as a table decoration for several more years. It was stashed in a closet in recent years but it’s still in really great shape. At over 20 years old it’s already a family heirloom… or is it?

Dillon's Easter Basket

In the tutorial I suggest one way to make your own Easter grass by dying shredded paper. In this basket I used some excelsior I had on hand. The shredded wood fibers are environmentally friendly. It’s such a nuisance to have to pick up all that pink and green shredded cellophane after the hunt is over.

Easter Baskets, 2011

Here are the 2011 tutorial Easter baskets. I used shredded tissue paper from a gift bag in the basket on the left. The homemade Easter grass is on the right.

What do you think? Any suggestions to other Easter basket makers out there?


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