More Memorables

Here are some more of the great items we have at Main Street Memorables.

Asparagus Teapot

This Asparagus Teapot is perfect for a spring time cup of tea.

Green Wooden Garden Bench

And here is just the right place to sit while you sip that cup of tea from your Asparagus Teapot. Of course this garden bench would look better on the patio or deck, but it started raining this afternoon so we pulled it inside. It’s comfortable and extra long. I haven’t measured it yet, but it would hold at least three adults or a whole slew of kids.

The Wonder Horse

This wooden Wonder Horse is the original mass produced spring loaded rocking horse. Red the Wonder Horse was probably produced between 1945 and 1948 in Tennessee. That vintage black telephone with the rotary dial has been upgraded with a new cord so it’s ready for you to plug it in and make a call.

By the way, that gorgeous wood topped coffee table with the magnificent metal base was rescued from a dumpster by one of our vendors.

Kitchen Cabinet, Enamel Top Table

And how about this beautiful cabinet. It’s just the right amount of shabby and chic and the grape vines were hand painted. Very nice. It could be used in the kitchen or pantry and is roomy enough for larger serving dishes. Or you could use it as a TV stand in the bedroom or living room. Fill it with blankets and sheets and it becomes a linen closet. Lots of style and lots of function.

The black enamel top table to the left is in excellent condition and would be perfect for a breakfast nook, or to use as a kitchen island. The enamel top makes this ideal for baking projects. Roll pie dough, knead bread or cut out your cookies on this easy to clean surface. And if you don’t need it in the kitchen it’s also a great place for arts and crafts projects. Again, very easy to clean.

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