Upcycled Storage Footstool

I can’t resist buying a footstool. The rattier the better. This one was in good shape except the top was broken, but look at it now. It’s perfect for keeping a TV guide and remote controls handy but out of sight.

Storage Footstool

It was a scuffed up brown and through a series of unfortunate events I ended up with this very nice silvery finish.

Storage Footstool

I didn’t want the raw edges of the upholstery to show on the bottom of the lid so I added a panel of black fabric and covered the edges with white satin ribbon.

Storage Footstool

However, that little layer kept the lid popped open a little bit so I added this latch to keep it shut.

Storage Footstool

Footstools tend to scooch around the floor a lot so I finished it off by adding these slides to the feet. They’ll keep it from scratching up a wood floor.

Storage Footstool

I have to thank my friend Dianna for the top. She had it on a different footstool and when it didn’t sell, she took it apart and gave the top to me. Her fabric perfectly matched the wood finish I ended up with.

I have this in Main Street Memorables all ready for a new home. Come check it out.


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