More Cradles, Cute Tables and a Gorgeous Desk

How’s this for an updated use of an old cast iron sewing machine base?

Cast Iron Treadle Desk/Table Base

After a good going over with really fine steel wool, I washed it down with the garden hose in the back yard. I dried it off, making sure to get rid of every last drop of water then hit it fresh coat of black paint.  The top is a piece of reclaimed wood, although I have no idea what it was reclaimed from. With a little elbow grease, it cleaned up right nice.

I hope to get this to the flea market this weekend but I still have to attach the top. I also want to add a chair—or two—to go with it. One chair will show it as a desk, two chairs and it could be a small dining table.

What about this little parsons table?

Parsons Table

The legs were good, but the top was scuffed up so I turned it into a chalkboard surface. And then there’s that little mid-century wire magazine rack. It went from dingy tarnished gold to Key Lime!

Heart Table and Shelves

Anybody like this little heart-shaped shelf unit? All hot pink and black. The box on the middle shelf matches perfectly and is also heart-shaped.

Heart Table and Shelves

The pink variegated doily is a perfect platform for the blingy hot pink lamp.

And I have more cradles now. Besides the pretty purple cradle, check out the antique white, and sunny yellow versions with bedding.

Sunny Yellow Cradle

And another look at the cast iron sewing machine base.

Cast Iron Singer Sewing Machine Base

While I cleaned it up, I was delighted to find an 1886 patent date on the back.

Cast Iron Singer Sewing Machine Base 1886

Pretty cool, huh?


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