Boudoir Bench ~ Completed

Back in the good ole summertime I acquired this vintage boudoir bench at a garage sale. Boudoir Bench

It was scuffed, tarnished and dingy gold. So after a good scrub with steel wool I hit it with a coat of metal primer. I had to turn it upside down and backwards to get all the round edges and curly cues. It was pretty quick work during our long hot dry summer.

Boudoir Bench

I knew I wanted to paint it turquoise.

It’s one of my favorite colors and is one of the trends these days so that was easy to decide. But what I had trouble with, was picking the fabric and style of pillow I wanted to put on it.

I rescue throw pillows at the flea market. People get tired of them and donate them or they end up as estate sale leftovers. Sometimes they’re thrown away, but the cost of pillow stuffing is high, so when the price is right (sometimes free!) I snap them up. I toss them all in the washing machine to eliminate the dirt along with the dusty, musty or maybe smoky smells. I figure they’ll come clean or fall apart. If they don’t fall apart I have a ready-made pillow insert for another project. If they disintegrate, no problem… as long as they were very cheap. So far all my rescues have washed beautifully.

And one of them was the perfect size for this little bench. I just had to decide on a fabric.

One of my best friends in high school had a bench like this in her bedroom and as I recall the cushion was a satiny lingerie-type fabric with deep lace ruffles. It wasn’t a style I wanted to replicate but it was hard for me to visualize a different look for it.

I finally decided to stay with turquoise.

Boudoir BenchI attached ribbons on the corners to keep it in place and instead of ruffled edges I put a deep scallop on each side, mimicking the curves of the bench.

The cushion is reversible if someone wants a different look. It’s a bright playful striped print that will add a lot of fun in any room.

Boudoir Bench

This little bench is obviously made to sit in front of a little dresser, but it can go in a lot of places. In the bedroom or bathroom it’s handy for taking off shoes and socks. In the entry or a mud room it’s good for putting on rain gear or taking off muddy or snow-packed boots.

I came across another one of these little benches last weekend. It’s that same tarnished grimy gold this one used to be. It might turn out red with a denim cushion. But as of now, it could be anything.

If this bench is something you’d like, let me know and I can make one to order. Where would you put it and how would you use it?


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