More Flea Market Finds

Can’t help showing off some of my recent flea market finds.

Santa Claus Suit PatternOne of my fellow vendors has tables full of estate sale leftovers and everything is a dollar! There’s a lot of junk, but also a lot of treasures to find if you do some digging.

I’m set up right next to him, so when there’s not much going on I can’t help but go pickin’ through his boxes. If you have a whole bunch of stuff he’ll make you a deal better than a dollar an item.

That’s how I scored a handful of 1940s era patterns. The stack included this Santa Claus suit and I realized it’s basically a wide fitting pajama shirt with fur trim and a wide black belt.

The other patterns are very Kathryn Hepburn-esque.

Vintage Housecoat PatternVery stylish.

I found a 1945 copyright on one of them.

Another vendor has recently taken in a couple of estate leftovers and he’s ready to get rid of a bunch of stuff. He has tables full of books I poured over. He said, “Get you a big stack and I’ll make you a deal.” So I did.

I also took a cute little shelf off his hands. It’s a good size and weight for display on a table or on the floor. I’ll leave it as is and in my booth for now. It’ll get a good spit and polish and fun coat of paint when I get ready to let it go.

Small Wood ShelfWith the smaller bottom shelf I wonder if this originally was built to sit on top of another piece.

Check out the white dresser in the background. It’s the cutest little thing but really trashed out. All the drawer fronts are there, but one drawer is missing the bottom so I’ll have fix that. I got it from John Rodgers. He sells a lot of glassware and has a huge following of Fostoria collectors. Turns out he was also my boss at the American Lung Association of Oklahoma way back when. It’s a good thing,  because he gives me really good deals for “old times sake.”

At a different booth I scored another box of books at a really good price. Children's StationaryMostly crafting books. Can’t wait to take some time to check them out before I sell them.

In the same booth this cute little Hansel and Gretel box caught my eye and I bundled it with a couple of tins full of junk jewelry and a little stool for a few bucks.

It was a box of enchanted stationary. A gift from grandma according to the writing on the back of the box. It doesn’t look like the kids took the hint because it hasn’t been used. There are small bundled envelopes beneath the lined writing pages featuring Humpty Dumpty. Too cute!

Back in the booth next to mine, Tony was always opening more boxes and filling in the gaps that opened up on the tables. Jewelry BoxThis jewelry box was something he uncovered. Several people looked at it and I wondered why no one had snapped it up.

When the crowd moved away I checked it out. There was a slip of paper with $4.00 written on it inside the tray. Ahhhh. That was why there were no takers. But since “Everything’s a dollar” I grabbed it. It’s a little dirty, but I think I can clean it up. The inside is spotless.

The dark burgundy and ivory colors suggest it was made for a man. Probably given as a gift that was barely used.

This weekend is the second in a string that keeps the flea market open through Ground Hog Day. Kitchen Utility CartThere’s a lot more stuff out there this weekend, and it will keep getting better since we don’t have to haul everything home each week. We’ll skip Christmas weekend, but with the long run I’m hoping to get rid of a bunch of stuff.

In a totally different place I picked up this vintage kitchen utility cart for $2. It looks like a rusty mess, but actually that corrosion is something on top of the metal, not eating through it. At the flea market I see these carts, all raggedy, dinged up, missing casters, with trays out of whack selling for $15  and $20. Physically this one is in excellent condition.

It was originally yellow. The top tray had a layer of contact paper on parts of it and it had all been painted black. I scraped a lot of crud off the top today after it stopped raining and the temp hit 60°. Too many Christmas projects to do anything else with it right now, but I’m excited to restore it to its original glory.

Can’t wait to see what new stuff turns up on Friday. Anything you’re looking for I could track down for you?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Randi
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 11:52:22

    You are getting some great finds, Jan! I love the jewelry box – for some reason I can’t resist boxes! Very cute stationery, I have some darling old cards, too, from the 50’s/60’s. They would be cute decoupaged on a table top, etc. The old patterns are great, too.



    • Jan
      Dec 30, 2011 @ 14:52:56

      Now I just need to get better at the reselling part of picking! I think I finally have “enough” patterns that I can start to photograph them & list a few at a time. Today my “great finds” include a toy sewing machine that works, a couple of art deco-ish (?) ceramic lamps, a crammed full sewing box, three Mickey Mouse Club records, two pieces of vintage calico and a few other odds and ends I can’t recall right now.
      I have a huge weakness for any kind of box as well. A couple of weeks ago I paid a dollar for a simple cedar box and it turned out to be a music box when I took a closer look. It still works. So much fun!



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