Just Peachy Grannie Scarf

If you’re one of those who enjoys a nice warm wrap around the neck when the cold winds blow you might be interested in this crocheted winter scarf.

I made a batch of these brick-shaped grannie squares some time back intending to make an afghan. I never quite settled on how I wanted to put them together so they’ve been languishing in a plastic bin for awhile. Last week I decided to do something about it and put the two peachy shades together to come up with this cozy scarf.

If you like this you can grab it at MerryBelle’s on Main Street here in Norman. MerryBelle’s is at 230 East Main. As you drive east down Main street start looking for a parking spot on the south side of the street as soon as you pass Arvest Bank on the corner. MerryBelle’s is at the east end of the block.

I have more blocks in a couple of shades of teal, sunshine yellow and fire engine red. I’ll mix and match those into at least one more scarf.

I didn’t think to measure this before I dropped it off, but it’s about 10ish inches wide and with 6 blocks used it’s at least 60 inches long. Even though it has an open weave with the grannie stitch, it’s plenty warm. The width makes it scrunch up around your neck providing extra warmth.


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