Beaded Boudoir Bench

I acquired this little bench many years—dare I say, decades—ago. When I came across it, it was varnished with a red vinyl upholstered seat.

Beaded Boudoir Bench

I painted it sunshine yellow and covered the top with an orange and yellow print. I used the same print on a pillow I placed on top of a little orange chair. Both pieces matched my bedroom furniture which had been my mom’s high school chest and dresser. I decided the white paint was boring so I painted both pieces sunshine yellow and all the drawers became a bright orange. It was the 70s after all. Flower Power and all that.

Beaded Boudoir Bench

A lot of people would have probably got rid of this little bench, but it was sturdy and very well made so I hung on to it. It was also one of the first things I ever recovered, so I’m sort of sentimental about it. When I didn’t have a place for it, it went to the basement or some other out-of-the-way place to gather dust.

Several years ago I decided to give it a makeover and came up with this. I painted it glossy black and skirted the sides with heavy black upholstery fabric. A thicker cushion went on the top and then I covered the seam with beaded trim and finished it off with matching gimp.

Beaded Boudoir Bench

Almost immediately my cats found it to be the perfect place to hide for naps and play. Unknowingly I’d created the perfect cat toy, complete with beads to bat, thick fabric to scratch, and the aforementioned hiding place.


I put this cute little bench—perfect for a dresser, vanity, or in front of a bathroom mirror—away for its own protection. For the right price I’m finally ready to part with it, but only because I have too much stuff, and only to a good home. There may even be some sort of application process before I turn it loose.




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