Tubular Steel Bar Stool Makeover

While I’m sharing made over benches and footstools here is a tubular steel bar stool I recently updated.

Tubular Steel Barstool - After
I managed to snag three of them and made two to match.

Tubular Steel Barstool - After

All three chairs were in great shape.  I dusted and polished the legs and back and they were good as new.

Tubular Steel Barstool - Before

The seat was attached with hex screws, but was easy to remove with one of my handy-dandy Allen wrenches. I have a couple of sets I’ve picked up at garage sales recently for a few bucks each. The original seat covers were in great condition, but were a little too institutional-looking for my taste.

Tubular Steel Barstool - Before

I much prefer the animal print. Since the original vinyl cover was in such good shape I decided to cover them “as is” instead of adding a fresh layer of batting.

Tubular Steel Barstool - After

I took the pair of them to the flea market and sold them the second day out. 🙂


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