After the Flea Market

Early Saturday morning I sold some fleece pins for lovely Lydia to wear. She’s eight months old and her mom slides hair clips through a loop on a narrow stretchy headband. In spite of the heat (it was headed to 100° plus again) she was drawn to my fleece pins and picked out these.

Fleece Pins/Hair Clips

I clipped the pins off the back of them and replaced them with hair clips. It will eventually be cold again and these will look darling with  sweaters, coats, fluffy scarves and hats.

Fleece Hair Clips

I love these little primitive cats and one shopper was specifically taken with this one for her daughter.

Chanel Cat

She said the peach plaid paired with the gold-rimmed buttons brought Chanel to mind and that is what she would name the cat. She also suggested designer names for the other primitive cats in the baskets: Levi Cat is recycled jeans with red stitching; Bill Blass is made of fabric from one of my grandpa’s suits; Betty Crocker Cat is a red print from mid-century vintage kitchen curtains; Kathy Ireland Cat came from a litter of upholstery fabric.

During the brainstorming between us we got a flash of inspiration and decided I should make some bridal cats with names related to Kate Middleton’s wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. One of my fellow vendors usually has a wedding dress or two, so I traded a few of my flower hair clips for one of her wedding dresses. I can’t wait to make some of these. Cute little kitty veils, maybe a bridal fascinator.

I’ll have a litter of bridal kitties ready by the next flea market and post a tutorial once I figure out the best way to stuff net and lace. I have an idea, but will make sure it works before I share the details.


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