Favorite Things: Family Run Estate Sales

I’m trying to cut back. Really. But there were a couple of family-run estate sales in the newspaper this weekend and I couldn’t resist when sewing items were mentioned.

Table Coth and Yarn

One of my favorite items was this lime green and blue plaid tablecloth. I bought this from a sweet woman who was holding her own sale with her husband. She had a sticker with 25 cents on this beauty. She said she was embarrassed to tell us how old it was and then confessed she received it as a wedding gift 60 years ago! There is a tiny bit of fraying on the edges, but I fell in love with it. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. I’ll make two aprons at least, one for me and one to sell and then see what’s left.

Cute pitcher and glass beads

At another sale I found this pink trimmed ceramic pitcher. It was 50 cents. The silver tray was a dime from the lady with the tablecloth. I bought several zipper bags of sewing/crafting items at about a dollar a bag. One bag had, among other things, a quart bag full of wooden beads. In another I found this wonderful collection of glass beads and the spools of ribbon. Everything is sitting on a nice tray I don’t know much about. There is a flower impression on the back with “Made in Japan Waterproof” and a patent number written on the tray. It’s about 8×10 and it was a dollar.

Bias Tape and Rick Rack

I scored this small stash of bias tape and rick rack while I was there. I also got at least a dozen crochet hooks of all sizes.


At the same sale I found two large plastic bins full of fabrics, including this wonderful collection of rope trim and black piping. I paid $4 for two overflowing boxes of miscellany.

I almost quit after that haul. My backseat was full and the thermometer was nudged right up against the 100° mark and it wasn’t yet noon. But there was an inside estate sale I had in mind so I dropped by. I found a small crate of about a dozen cookie cutters for a dollar; a few tablecloths ($1), a couple of hand crocheted afghans ($2), a handful of hankies at a nickel each; and

Crocheted Rug

a pile of crocheted throw rugs, $2 each. That’s not the half of what I made off with, and I loved visiting with the sisters who were cleaning out their mom’s house. She’d moved to an assisted living facility and they were getting rid of everything she didn’t take with her and family members hadn’t laid claim to.

As I walked in they were talking about a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I had to ask about the about them. The sister I was talking to made a swooning sound and she said I could find the recipe online if I searched for The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Entire World. She also mentioned the New York Times. Here are the cookies she was talking about.

I think I need to put on one of my aprons and bake some cookies. I won’t need the cookie cutters for this batch, but I might use the heavy white 60-year-old mixing bowl ($2) and serve them on the blue and green plaid tablecloth.

What do you think of these goodies? What should I make with the glass beads? And does anyone want a tutorial on how to make one of these rugs? I totally love them! I think one of them is about to become a tote bag.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. whitney
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 09:09:34

    I need to go to garage sales with you! I never find stuff that cheap! Looks like you got quite the haul!



    • Jan
      Jun 27, 2011 @ 09:49:23

      Yes! I would love for you to come with me sometime! If I had a smart phone you would have been loaded with pix on Saturday. I came across a rusty old iron bed that made me think of Rylan.



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