Aprons with Pockets

I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me before, but how about a pocketed apron made of a pair of jeans? If you sew, it’s pretty self explanatory, but I’ll post a tutorial when I stitch together another one in a few days.

Jeans Apron

I don’t usually think to wear an apron when I cook or craft because 90% of the time I’m wearing jeans. And jeans are such a perfect place to wipe my hands. The denim is absorbent, easy to wear, easy to wash, and if I forget I just dusted floured hands on my backside and leave the house… well doesn’t that just add character?

Some of the vendors at the flea market were taken by my aprons, partly because most of the women were wearing them.

Aprons were useful for a couple of reasons. First, it does what an apron is meant to do and protect her clothing from the dust and cobwebs encountered when handling flea market stuff. And second, with a secure pocket it also provides a place to keep the “cash box” close at hand, but also safe. It’s a much better idea than keeping it in a vintage purse under the table the way I’ve been doing it.


That’s why someone bought this brown and pink apron. It’s a circle skirt with large scallops around the hem. Its cute and reversible and all that and it has an over-sized scallop-shaped pocket on each side. The lady who bought it loved the idea of keeping her money in the pocket on the inside, while the pocket on the outside is still available for car keys, lip gloss, tissues and other odds and ends. I think I need to have a few more stitched up for the next flea market.

Plaid Pleated Apron

I also received positive comments on this plaid with a pleated flounce. They particularly liked the deep pockets. Deep and narrow enough to make it less likely for money to splash out with all the bending and stooping and reaching that goes along with running a booth. I can retro fit this apron with a hidden pocket on the backside to make it more appealing.

Harvest Print Apron

This harvest print fabric is something my mom had in her stash for years and it’s perfect for this apron. I also made a matching set of pot holders. This one can also have a hidden pocket added on the backside.

Gold Sunflower Plaid Apron

And then there’s this sunflower print with plaid pockets. The matching pot holders hanging from the waist cover up the second pocket.

I put a little more into this first batch of aprons than flea market prices will bear, but they certainly catch the attention of passersby. Now I will make a batch of fast and easy ones at a more practical price point.

I’ll show you what I come up with.


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