Col. Dick’s Antique and Collectors Market

I rounded up some of my things and took them to the local flea market in May. It was my first foray into this kind of  selling. Dick Ross has held this flea market at least once a month for the past 14 years.

Some vendors have tidy little spots filled with impeccable antiques: lace doilies, clean tablecloths and polished tables catch your eye.  Others are a jumble of boxes you would find piled in an old garage: greasy tools, light fixtures, door knobs, knick knacks, old toys, dusty baskets, and household appliances from decades past. Anything goes at this event, new stuff, old stuff, some junky, some pristine.

Pillowcase Dresses

My retro aprons, pot holders, and pillowcase dresses attracted a lot of attention.

My booth was the only one of this type, so people were not coming to here to shop for what I had, but I was well received by other vendors and visitors alike. I received a lot of positive feedback and made sales enough to make it worth my while to go back next month.

Flea Market Table

The ceramic tile coasters were a best seller.

There were nostalgic comments about my school desks, but I need to do something to make them pop in order to sell them. I have some ideas, but first I have to find the right paint to stick to this surface. In spite of the bad memories they might bring up, these tablet chairs are surprisingly practical for making a grocery list, jotting notes on a calendar or other mundane tasks.

Trust me, when I get through with this, you’re going to want one for yourself.

Student Desk

This practical student desk needs some help.

I especially enjoyed the feedback about my Owley Cats. Everyone who saw them was taken by them. “So cute!” was heard most often. Several visitors helped me embellish the legend of this endangered species.

Owley Cats

The Owley Cats were easily the most "awwww" inspiring item on the table.

I’ll be back at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds on Friday and Saturday, June 10 and 11.

I’ll have more ceramic coasters just in time for Father’s Day gifts. They’re 2/$5.

I’ll have sizing on my pillowcase dresses. They’re $25.

And I’ll have Potato Bags, a shopper request, which makes great baked potatoes. Check out my baked potato posting on Larrupin to see what I’m talking about. These will be $6 each for the Two Potato Bag; and $8 for the family size. Instructions and a few recipes will also be included.

Potato Bag

Fast and fluffy baked potatoes come from this simple cotton bag.


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