Pillowcase Dresses Are Here

I put pillowcase dresses in the back of the closet over the winter and now it’s time to shake them out and make some more. So far no actual pillowcases were harmed in the making of these dresses, but I did use real kerchiefs for this hot pink number.

Black paisley ribbon adorns the ruffle at the neck and black polka dots tie the dress at the shoulders.

Kerchief Dress

This little dress is cute enough to starch and pair with strappy sandals for a nice event, but it’s also durable enough for her to wear to the playground. At 18 inches from shoulder to hem it’s a little long on this two-year-old—who is about 3 feet tall—and it’s not something you’ll have to discard after a season.

Kerchief Dress

Pair it with bloomers, shorts, or jeans and it becomes a tunic and then a top before she’s done with it.

Kerchief Dress

Alice was a great model!

Paintbrush Print Dress

She wanted to wear “more colors” and picked out this bright one to model. It looks like it’s been swiped with a wide paint brush. At 22 inches long it would fit a 3–4 year old. The heavier fabric is 100% cotton but if you hang it up while it’s still warm from the dryer it doesn’t look like it will need any ironing to keep it looking smooth.


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