Size Two Denim Shorts Purse


I’ve wanted to make a purse like this for sometime but just now got around to it. It really is as easy as I thought it would be. It took a couple of hours from start to finish.

I made this one out of a functional pair of lightweight denim shorts my son wore when he was about two years old. I think I got these at a garage sale.

At the very least they were hand-me-downs.

The belt is also a headband, and the flower is a pin that’s removable so you can use it other places.

Denim Shorts Purse
This cute denim purse is made from a pair of denim shorts, size 2.

The bag is lined with cotton and I included interior pockets.


Denim Purse Lining
Pockets on both sides of the purse are divided to hold a variety of items.

The bright stripe seems to suit. The interior pockets are pleated and sectioned to fit phone, camera, business cards, lipstick, pens, pencils…and other things you hate to lose in the bottom of your bag. The bag closes with a large metal snap.

Denim Shorts PurseNo back pockets on this pair of shorts.

Don’t forget the “belt” is also a wire headband. This comfortable band can be shaped to twist around your head without squeezing your brains out. You can put the pin on the headband, wear it on your shirt, or leave it on the bag.

Denim Shorts Purse
Doncha just love it! It’s small enough for a preteen, but roomy enough for an adult who needs a small bag for a casual event. Perfect to carry to an arts festival, state fair or football game.

Of course it’s one of a kind, but I have more denim shorts and jeans I can use for similar items. Stay tuned!



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