Green on Green with Falling Leaves

  • Appliqued dress, 21″, $35.
  • Matching Hair Clip or Pin, $10.

Green on Green With Falling LeavesHere’s new take on the Green on Green toddler/preschool dress I made recently.  It’s the same dress in the previous post with the addition of gold, red, rust and yellow leaves appliqued around the hem and the collar.

The dress is 21″ long from shoulder to hem and the price is $35.

Falling Leaves Pin or Hair ClipThe matching accessory is 4 layers of fabric: green plaid, gold, light yellow, and red with gold pine cones. It’s over 5 inches across. It can be fitted with a hair clip or pin and is $10.

If I made this into a pin, will it best be called a brooch, or a corsage?  Broosage?  Hmmm.  Either way, it’s a fun addition.

Pretty darn cute! This outfit will go a long way into cool weather with matching tights and a turtleneck. Dark green, dark red, gold, and off white are just a few of the colors that would work. It can also be worn over jeans as a top for school age girls.


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