“Happy Birthday Baby” Tiles

Happy Birthday Baby tileWith all the pregnant women and brand new babies in the Cox Building this week I wanted to come up with a tile to celebrate all the new arrivals.  Here’s what I came up with. It’s a 6 x 6 tile with a onesie for boys or little dress for girls. The child’s name and birth date will be included.

Of course parents love these, but it’s also a great gift for grandparents.

Start a tradition with a tile for each new arrival. Grandma and Grandpa will always remember birthdays with these arrayed on the wall. Match them up with photos of the kids for a special display. And if your kids have outgrown onesies it’s not too late to catch up. Baby clothes can be traded for an initial, sports gear, a favorite animal or a variety of other images that match a child’s interests. Here’s a sample I made for Owen, the newest member of our family.

Happy Birthday Baby tileYou pick the colors you want. It can be traditional pinks and blues, select colors to match the nursery, or match any other room where you plan to display them.

For $15 you get the 6 x 6 tile, one name, and the birth date. If the name fits, I’ll put it on the shirt as shown on, if it’s too long to fit there I’ll run it along the side of the tile and put an initial on the shirt.

Tell me what you want and  when you’ll be by the Cox Building to pick it up. I’ll be there until Saturday!


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