Coupon Shopping Apron

Not long ago I spent an evening at my niece’s house learning the art of couponing. Yeah, I know that’s not a verb, but trust me, it will be added to the dictionary before long. Almost everyone clips coupons at least once in a while, but couponing—you could call it Kamikaze couponing—the way Mary,  The Coupon Junkie does can save you 90% or more on your grocery bill. Seriously.

Shopping ApronSerious couponers organize clipped coupons in a three-ring binder filled with dividers and  plastic pocket sheets. Shoppers bring the binder to the grocery store and pull out the coupons they plan to use as they shop. These coupons pile up during the trip and need to be sorted at checkout. The first time my sister-in-law Brenda went shopping with Mary, (here’s Mary’s coupon Facebook page) she realized a pocketed apron would keep the coupons she was using organized while she shopped and it would speed up the checkout process. She called me the next morning with a special request. The Original Coupon Apron is the result.


  • Chambray cotton
  • 8″ x 16″ total size
  • 2 pockets @ 4 1/2″ x 8″
  • 2 pockets @ 3 1/4″ x 8″
  • 42-inch ties
  • $10 each

The Deluxe Coupon Apron is in development. It will be a smidge larger and have some very useful hidden pockets.

Check out my get a free dress page. The same offer applies to the coupon aprons. Buy (or sell) six aprons and get one free.


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