Rylan’s First Birthday Dress

DressFirst they were feed sack dresses—sacks actually made out of cotton muslin and filled with chicken feed, seeds, beans, and any number of items purchased in bulk. When the feed was all gone you still had a rectangle of sturdy muslin. Once the dust and grime were washed out, the muslin was the perfect size and shape to repurpose into a practical work dress for the farm. That was when my grandmother was a little girl.

When I was a kid we called them “feed sack dresses” but made them out of pillowcases. I was too tall for a pillowcase so mine was made out of cotton fabric my grandmother had on hand. It was a black and cream stripe with a wide border print Dress and Hairbowsthat ran around the hem.

Now they’re back, and cuter than ever.

This is my take on the current rendition of a pillowcase dress.

  • Ruffled neck
  • Bows on the sides
  • Elastic neckline

The ribbons can be tied—and knotted—at the shoulders for the best fit and your little darlin’ can dress herself by slipping the dress over her head.

Rylan's Birthday Dress

Just need to tighten the ribbon ties, if she'll stand still long enough. She has the small bow in her hand. She later put it on the back of her head and wore it around.

Since this is a birthday gift I made a couple of matching bows. A gigantic pink and yellow bow for picture purposes, and a smaller more practical bow for everyday. Either bow can be clipped to the stretchy headband since she doesn’t have enough hair to hold a clip.

Can’t wait for her to model this in a couple of days.


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